Wednesday, December 1, 2010

n o v e m b e r 3 0 t h

So, tommorow I have a huge final for my contemporary management course.. i was planning on pulling an all nighter.. I have been sitting on the computer absent-mindedly flipping through old pictures.  Oh well, no sleep b4 my exam could be possible. So it is December first tommorow, that seems weird.  November went by to quickly.  I literally just uploaded my halloween pictures two days ago.. It will be nice to be finished school for the semester..however, the christmas break never seems long enough. Tonight the VS Fashion show was on, as much as I love the show, it deffinatly leaves me hating something about my body! As much as I hate doing that! Here are some cute pics from the show! 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

been awhile?

Well, funny how my last post was regarding fall.. well, as the saying goes, time flies when you are having fun. School has been supprisingly enjoyable?- this semester.. I enjoyed my classes, I have done well on all of my assignments and exams. Finals are literally just around the cornner.  Im sitting in the school library, drinking hot tea from tim hortons, savoring not only my tea, but the cherry christmas cups.  I love those.  You know its the hollidays when Starbucks, or Tim Hortons have their christmas cups out!  Its also gotton alot colder.  But, there is nothing wrong with that, I was actually happy to take out my favorite christmas coats, boots, scarf and mitten sets.  I find it personally easier to dress for this weather opposed to summer and spring.  I really like to layer and put on cozy peices.  With that said, Im going to enjoy the rest of my tea and try to warm up- and hopefully later tonight curl up and watch the Grinch!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sweet September

Well, it officially seems like fall.. My favorite time of the year. I woke up this morning to see the first few red maple leafs fall off of the maple trees in my front yard. This makes me very excited, as Fall is without question, my favorite season of the year! Time to bring out my boots, cozy sweaters, hats and not to mention hit up a starbucks for my favorite pumpkin spice lattes!