The December issue of Marie Claire featured the “Curb link Chain” as their Instant Classic this month. With little tidbits like where to find the pieces, who wore them and how they ended up in our jewelry box, we can’t help but showcase the magazine’s page of gilt. Ladies of our grandmother’s time like Joan Crawford, Greta Garbo and Katharine Hepburn dressed their necks with gold links inspired by Sicilian jeweler Duke Fulco, who created these in the 1930s. And the reason behind this trend’s elegance? Their ability to lie flat…who knew?! But this timeless trend didn’t slow as the decades passed. Fifty years later, rappers in the 80’s picked it up this Great Depression fad—and now, we are encouraged to do the same! Check out Ainsley S. below who paired the piece with a pink pursed lips!

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