Wednesday, June 1, 2011

On a Mission

With summer trying to make it's way into Vancouver, I have been spending alot of time deciding what to splurge on this season.  I am hoping to find items that are light and airy, that can be dressed up or worn casually. And a few special items that could be worn into other seasons as well. Here are some images of what I hope to find!

A new favorite of mine is the feather earing trend. A vibrant pair can liven up any outfit, or a more softer and neutral pair can just add a nice touch to a cute summer outfit. I love this off white pair and only $48.00!

Now, for tops, I am looking for a few different styles for the summer. I would love to find a nice lacey looser fitting style that could be tucked into skirt and shorts for a easy look, similar to this topshop one:

I am also a huge fan of anything nautical inspired, so a cute striped top is deffinatly on my list!

A fun skirt that is both feminine and classic, could possible be worn in another season with a pair of cute tights.

Wedges are super popular right now-and paired with some flirty lace they are even better! Camel is a great color to have for summer, it is very versatile and can be easily matched with alot of options!

To finish this cute outfit off, I would love to pair it with a camel colored cross body purse. Something similar to this GORGOUS Chanel bag!! Ahhhh a girl can dream:)

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