Monday, February 28, 2011

And the oscar goes too..

So I must say last night was enchanting, entertaining and fabulous.  All of the celebrities lining both the red carpet and gracing the stage looking absolutley stunning.  Well, I might not have seen some of the styles that I had hoped, but, the color selection was incredible.  I personally loved Milia Kunnis's lavender dress, Selena Gomez red, Rheese Witherspoon, Halle Berry and Amy Adams.  Of course aside from the fashion, the movies all rocked the house as well.  The King Speech, an incredible movie, cleaned house, but most importantly took home Best Movie.  For those who havent seen it, I highly recomend it. Also, seeing James Franco wearing well first, a unitard, then a pink gown? That made the night! James and Anne looked amazing, and there energy was hard to miss.  They worked impecable together and they were fun and easy to watch.  I'll post some pictures tonight! Enjoy your mondays if you can.... xoxox

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