Saturday, September 3, 2011

Recent purchases

Well, the dreaded week of back to school is getting c l o s e r and clooooser.  In order to keep my nerves calm- I've been shopping more than normal! Kidding- well about dreading school starting. I am actually quite excited for school to start again.  I am entering my fourth year of my Business program, and if all goes as planned, I'll be graduating in June!!! Anyways, the long weekend is here and I am excited because I finally have a day off! Here are some pics of my newest purchases, enjoy!

What are everyone's Labour Day weekend plans?

Cute leather jacket-It has the padding in the shoulders, kind of reminds me of Gaga

                           I loved this black ring, it is hard to see in this photo, but it is like black crystals?

This is a vintage Ralph Lauren Denim top that I got at Mintage on Commercial Drive. I have been looking for one of these every where!

Another Vintage Ralph Lauren Silk blouse.  It is really nautical haha, it could be cute with leggings?

I love these boyfriend style oxford button ups. When I am at University I wear them daily!

Another oxford button up-In pale pink, one of my favorites! This is from Mintage as well.  The skirt is new as well, I ordered it online!

This was a very exciting find at Mintage- A vintage Pierre Balmain blouse.  The material is fabulous.

                   I am a head band freak and a bow freak, put them both together and I am one happy girl.

Cute bow barrettes

                                                                           Pearl Barrettes

Feather Earrings- I love these, they are pretty neutral so they can be mixed with allot of outfits.

Combat boots!! I mentioned in a previous post I was on a mission to find a comfortable pair for fall, and I did!

New Oxfords

                                                                 Jules and James lace up oxford booties

New purse from Aldo- I mentioned this ones in my Hermes purse post!

A vintage beaded clutch

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Anonymous said...

How much where the booties (email me at I need to know cause I bought the same one at a second handshop just want to see if I was ripped off I paid 25.00 my name is melissa