Monday, August 29, 2011


The Sunday night, live VMA show was a success, with performances from Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Adele, Jay Z and Kanye West and sooo many more (those were my favorites of course!) and we cant forget the amazing tributes to Brittney Spears, Amy Winehouse and Tony Bennett. The show was hothothot and of course, the celebrities fashion choices were on the topic for discussion. Any show put on by MTV will cause celebrities to battle it out for the worst dressed title, and most of the other celebs wore just blah ensembles this year..a little disappointing! However, here are my favorite looks and some of my other favorite looks of the night, but for different reasons..


Beyonce looked amazing as ever, showing off her newly announced Baby news!!
Is it totally wrong that I like Snookies dress in a small, weird way?

Oh Deena.. if that dress wasn't bad enough, your bad hair extension job is even worse...

Who would have expected that Christian Dior was responsible for this little number...

The girl has talent and its awesome that she is daring with her looks, but this is just a Harajuko  Girl on steroids..

This is just gross..


I honestly don't know how I feel about these two dresses.. I think I like them, I just don't know! I mean at least Miley Cyrus is wearing something covering her body for once, but this one is more age appropriate for a eighty year old woman.

Hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did!!

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Alexandra said...

I do NOT like Miley Cirus' look at all...she's got a great figure and this dress just did something bad to it. Selena Gomez's was all right, something different for her at least. Definitely loved Beyonce's and definitely HATED Deena's...come on now...coloured contacts to match your dress? Too much! Great recap love!

Alexandra xo