Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer Reads

I have found that this summer has provided the lower mainland with far to many rainy days, opposed to the expected hot and sunny beach days. On one rainy day in particular, I was suckered into running a few errands around town for my mom, one included dropping some books off at the local library.  Now, myself personally, am rarely found inside a library of any kind, let alone reading books. However, on that dreary and depressing day, I decided to give it a chance.. To my amazement (gasp) there was actually some pretty decent books that caught my attention... who would have guessed I would ever be interested in any form of literature other than fashion magazines, facebook or online blogs?  I signed up for a library card (huge geek) and I literally walked out with close to fifteen books... I am now hooked.  I read every chance I can! Ahhh thank goodness for all the rain we are experiencing this summer, otherwise I may have felt guilty for reading so much!

1. Skinny Bitch- Rory Freedmand and Kim Barnouin
2. No One You Know-Michelle Richmond
3. True Whit-Whitney Port
4. InStyle The New Secrets of Style
5. Sweet Little Lies-Lauren Conrad
6.Sugar and Spice-Lauren Conrad
7. L.A Candy-Lauren Conrad
8. Holly Would Dream-Karen Quinn
9. Sandcastles-Luanne Rice
10.  Beachcomers-Nancy Thayer
11. Coco Chanel-The Legend and The Life-Justine Picardie
12. Chanel The Couturier At Work-Amy De La Haye, Shelley Tobin
13. Skinny Bitch-The Ultimate Cook Book
All of these books are absolutely amazing.  They are all perfect summer reads.  Fashion, healthy living, sappy romance, mystery, Coco Chanel..need I say more? I`ll write a follow up post on all these books when I'm finished!! Whenever that is..

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