Saturday, August 6, 2011

Color Palette

I recently just went on a bit of a shopping spree and I began to notice a serious trend. My color palette doesn't veer off path to often.. All of my purchases were similar in texture, color and fit.  Each item offering its own uniqueness and charm of course.  I am now currently LOVING soft, simple and classic color palettes.  Think of Lauren Conrad's effortless yet stylish blog posts that are airy and sweet.  Or the classic yet stylish effect of J.Crew and Club Monaco.  I am really into soft, loose fitting pieces that can be worn layered over cute leggings, or tucked into dressy skirts or shorts.  I especially LOVE the item if it offers a delicate stitch, pearl button, or any other intricate feature.  Some of the colors I am really into are soft pinks, cremes, greys, nudes or any soft color.  Enjoy the photos! They are continuously my inspiration these days!

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