Sunday, December 18, 2011

For the boys

I spend allot of time posting about girls fashion and trends, but in reality I spend a great deal of my time admiring and looking at guys style and fashion.  A well dressed male is a huge plus.  If you are reading this post as a male looking for inspiration, or you are a female looking to help a male in need, I hope I offer some insight!

With the Christmas season underway- Christmas is literally in a week... uhh.. There is of course countless parties, functions and get togethers that actually require some effort in the clothing department.  This post will go over and clarify what I believe are male 'must haves' and if you agree or disagree share your love below!

1. A fitted suit:

What a guy really needs is a great fitting suit.  This will make any guy look... wait for it...
LEGENDARY...Cue Barney Stinson.  If you don't know what I am referring too...HowIMetYourMother,  you need to turn on your television now. Barney gets all the lady's because of his incredible taste in suits guys.. its not his amazing personality..

Try to find a suit that is not too loose, but not super-tight — that makes you look taller and leaner, and most importantly.. your ass will also look amazing.. If you aren't feeling the full suited look,  try wearing the pants or blazer solo for a variety of looks.

Ralph Lauren 2011

2.  Button-up Plaid Shirt

First of all, plaid looks amazing on everyone. And when I think of guys in plaid, I tend to picture an Abercrombie and Fitch model wearing one and I loveee it. Plaid is a good choice all year round, worn by itself, or under a blazer or sweater.  However you wear it, guys in plaid look GOOD end of discussion.

3.  Day-Night Over Coat

Hoodies and leather jackets don't always cut it, especially when attending a nice dinner or function.  Look for a fitted over coat that is versatile enough that it can be worn from day to night. 

4.  The perfect shoe

The hunt for perfect shoes aren't just for girls.  Guys need shoes that can go with their jeans and their suits.  Why not save some money and go for a pair that does both. 

5.  Seasonal Scarf

It's December, its obviously cold out.  And chances are, your neck is cold too. Girls don't just wear scarfs because they complete an outfit or look good.. they can actually keep you warm..

6. The perfect Jean

Guys need jeans that aren't baggy at all, but not super skinny and tight either... that trend is luckily over and sorry guys, but skin-tight jeans don't even look good on girls half of the time.  A dark color  means it's super versatile and super stain-resistant, too.

Naked & Famous $126, available at Park & Bond.
7. Crew-neck sweater

Everyone should own their very own versatile grey crew-neck sweater.  It can literally be worn with everything, if worn correctly.  And if you want to spend the extra cash, go for one in cashmere.. both you and your significant other will love the feeling of it. 


8. The plain white T

So simple yet so goood.  I dont know if it's just me, but I LOVE V-necks, there is just something about them that looks good.  And guys have it easy, you can buy a pack of four from a store for $20 or less!

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