Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fitness February: Interview with the amazing Kelly Campbell!

So as promised, I was able to get in touch with a friend who is not just beautiful on the inside and the outside, she is a hard working chick, who has more than a thing or two to share with everyone about working hard and seeing results in the gym. Kelly has already competed in a figure competition before and placed second in bikini tall and qualified for BC's and soon to be in another one this year! Kelly's passion and hard-work has definitely  paid off and she is hands-down my workout inspiration!

So with my whole "Fitness Feb" plan, I knew I had to ask Kelly some questions that were not only of importance to me, but to other females as well.  Meet Kelly everyone!

1.  What is your favorite form of cardio exercise?

-I'd have to go with the step mill.  I'd be lying if I said it was my favorite, but it's definitely the most effective!

2.  What is your favorite post workout snack or meal?

-Protein! Protein! Protein! I like to get my protein intake from food rather than a shake or supplements.  I often prepare a post-workout meal before going to the gym so that it's ready for me when I'm home. (The worst is being hungry and having to force yourself to take the time to make something healthy).  So getting back to your question.. I love Cajun chicken.  When I'm training, my diet is very restricted so I love finding things with lots of flavor.  I'll cook up a bunch and prepare meals for the next day or two.

3.  Who do you most look up to, or who inspires you?

- My mom is the 'the suit lady' a well known fitness/bikini seamstress and designs custom suits for a good majority of the competitors.  I was inspired by all the beautiful, strong and fit women I'd see coming to my house daily for fittings.  I also look up to a lot of Bikini pro's.  They're all so determined and seem so positive.  It takes a lot of self discipline and you have REALLY want it!

4.  Do you prefer to work out alone or with a partner?

-I don't mind either, depending on the partner.  Having someone to workout with who pushes you and wants a good workout too definitely makes a leg day and 45 minutes on the step mill more enjoyable!  You can feed off one-another's energy and keep it fun.

5.  What is your favorite area to work out?

- I love a killer glute exercise! Just like every other girl constantly wanting to tone and improve their butt! My favorite would have to be glute kick-backs.  You hook one ankle up to a set of cables while your other foot is firmly planted on a platform.  Then you hold onto the bar in front of you, lean forward and kick your leg back.  It works wonders!

6.  What is your favorite work out mix or song to keep you focused and motivated?

- I love anything upbeat and listen to a lot of RAC mix's.  Right now on my "GTL" mix, I've got a lot of David Guetta, Calving Harris and Rihanna's Talk that Talk album.  I also love Flo Rida's new song featuring Sia- Wild one.

7.  If you could offer anyone working out or getting more into fitness, what advice would you give them?

- I would say don't get discouraged.  Stick with it and YOU WILL see changes and begin to love it.  I feel that girls, especially, want to see a difference in a week and turn negative when they don't see results instantly.  You have to be patient and trust that what you're doing is working and it will pay off.  Just keep pushing yourself and stay positive.  I used to remind myself that time is going by whether I go to the gym and eat healthy, or not.  Everyone has had that summer where they wished they had jumped on the 'healthy bandwagon' a few months earlier.  Now is that time!  Do it this year!

8.  What are some of your favorite healthy meal choices?

-I mentioned earlier how much I love Cajun chicken mostly because it's so flavorful. I have to admit, having a healthy diet can be painfully repetitive and plain so I'm constantly trying new things and switching up my meals.  I recently started eating Sushi.  Its the perfect `fast-food' fix when your`re on the go and SO healthy and affordable too.

9.  How did it feel performing in a fitness competition?

-Competing in a fitness show was amazing and felt empowering.  I loved it! My goal was to simply compete and feel confident on stage.  After training for 4 months prior to the show, being on stage and accomplishing my initial goal was so satisfying.  I ended up taking 2nd in bikini tall and qualified for BC`s.

10.  What was your favorite part about competing?

-I love having things to work towards and this was definitely a challenge.  Nothing feels better than accomplishing a goal you have set for yourself.  There were times along the way when I`d get discouraged and when I finally got on stage I was so proud of myself for sticking with it.  I just felt SO good!

I can`t wait to compete again this June and when I feel myself getting down, I just think back to how I felt on stage last year.  What it took to get there and how it was all worth it.

Aside from getting ready to start preparing for her up and coming competition in June, Kelly is also in an online competition for Fitness Gurls Magazine for their Miss Bikini Gurl, to find the world`s hottest bikini model! Help Kell out and give her your vote!! You can vote every hour every day of the week!!

If you have any other questions you would like Kelly to answer, post them below and I`ll have Kelly answer them for you!!

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