Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Snack Attacks..

Well, Valentines Day has come and gone.. and so have the delicious assortments of treats and snacks...
When you are feeling like you have hit a wall and you are in need of a pick me up.. are you the type to reach for the chips and cookies or do you reach for some fresh fruit and veggies? I will admit, I am human and sometimes find myself tempted by the first options, but we owe it to ourselves to say no and reach for the healthier option.  Snacks are not meant to be mini-meals. They are supposed to tide you over until your next meal. The silver lining? They can actually help you achieve a slimmer shape, if chosen correctly. Snacks prevent overeating come mealtime. I honestly snack all throughout the day. It helps me stay satisfied. (Don’t you always make the worst diet decisions when you’re famished? I most defiantly do.) Needless to say, instead of starving yourself between each meal, have a nutritious snack. It will help get your metabolism pumping and your body burning calories too.  And if you throw in a form of exercise or physical activity, you are golden!

Fat free Vanilla yogurt with fresh fruit. Get creative! Try adding a variety of different fruits.  I usually stick with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

Veggies and homemade hummus

Fresh fruit skewers

Grapes and light cheese

Edename beans, soo amazing!

Fresh fruit smoothies- My go to sack of choice


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