Thursday, January 5, 2012

Adding some new edge

Every now and then I enjoy scouring over the CCSKYE website and fantasizing about loading my arms up with some studded statement pieces.  I just love the instant edge studs can add to any look.  It can really change how you want people to  view your ensemble of the day.  I am not talking going hard-core punk or ridiculously over the top.. I am more implying that adding a studded bracelet with a vintage watch, or studded earrings to a basic cashmere sweater to change up your look. Here are some of my favorite items at the moment!!
Punk Princess Pave Bracelet- $350.00
Mini Spike Bracelet- $125.00
Wicked Ring- $150.00

Some other ideas that I loooove:


TheFabChick said...

would love to know what's the brand of the phone case in the image above.

Your Daily Fix: said...

It is so cute right! It is from here is the actual link: