Thursday, January 19, 2012

My favorite smiles

Do you ever have the days when you feel like you need that extra burst of energy, or extra large coffee to help get you through your morning, let alone the entire day.. Well I am not the hugest coffee drinker..but here are some of my favorite things to watch, see, hear, enjoy you name it.. hopefully they help brighten your day too!

1.  Watch any classic Audrey Hepburn movie. Audrey is incredibly stunning, charming and clever.  Her peculiar sense of humor always makes me laugh.

2. Favorite Sound.. Mr. Frank Sinatra, I don't know if you are into this style or era of music, but I find listening to Frank Sinatra's soothing voice so relaxing.. it is a perfect combo with a glass of red wine!  Some of my other favorite crooners are Norah Jones, Amy Winehouse, Micheal Bouble.

3.  Favorite Laugh..

I watch this repeatedly.. this and all of the other **** people say videos!

4.  Favorite inspirational song.. A little bit Stronger, performed by Sara Evans

I have currently listened to this song 12 times today..I guess it's one of those days?

5.  Favorite scent

Fresh Flowers

6.  Favorite Indulgence

Mini Peanut Butter pies stuffed with Oreos.. Need I say more? Recipe here

7.  Favorite line

8.  Favorite Image

9.  Favorite thing to do..

Paint your nails a happy color!

10.  Laughs and Drinks with your girlfriends can change anything and everything

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