Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Can Feel It In My Bones

So lately I have been kind of obsessing over this amazing skeleton cut out top from Urban Outfitters that I came across online one day.. Like literally thinking of when, where, or how I could wear this top without being to over the top.  I finally just decided I needed to suck it up and buy the top because I literally couldn't stop thinking about it.. and of course, it was sold out! I was devastated.. well not actually, but I was a little bummed.  Anyways, I came across a wicked DIY for a similar top, I already made mine and it turned out not too bad, I want to try to make a better one and then I will post a pic! 

So this is the one from Urban Outfitters..

Now, for the DIY all you need is an old t shirt whatever color you like and a pair of scissors!
Just follow this simple template:


Justin said...

Cool shirt! Its on backwards tho!

Your Daily Fix: said...

Hahah well if it was reversed that might not go over to well!!

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