Thursday, November 3, 2011

currently lusting over

Well, as always, when November first rolls around, my parents are always demanding a copy of my Christmas list, or in my case my lust list.  Happy lusting everyone:)

I am defiantly wanting a pair of over the knee cognac riding boots, as well as a pair of ankle boots. I love the Jennifer Zuener necklaces that are of your own initials! Absolutely adorable.  I also really need to find a cute pair of everyday gold earrings.  I really liked these stud ones! More cozy sweaters to layer with... I already have a bunch but I l-o-v-e them!! A cute Jewelle tonne hat, I love the envelope clutches and I am also kinda digging the new fur purses, cute and very trendy!  A nice pair of tan trousers, a polka dot blouse and a nice knee length skirt! These are just some ideas and oddly enough they are basically all form H &M... hopefully I can resist the temptation of buying them for myself before the Holidays arrive...

currently lusting over

What are some items you are currently searching for???


Rosie said...

I'm also lusting for boots for Fall but what girl isn't? I just purchased a pair of gold stud earrings from Nordstrom and they look exactly like the ones on your inspiration board. They were originally marked 40.00 but when I was rung up for them they came up on sale for 15.00, my lucky day. Lovely collage, it's definitely making me lust for more Fall items.

Your Daily Fix: said...

I am happy you found similar earings!! I am now going to hunt a pair down! Thanks Rosie:)<3