Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A new take on an old classic

This Holiday season I have got a new fashion crush on the tried and true holiday favorite...  Velvet.  And this time it isn't just for obnoxious tracksuits anymore ladies! It is now lining the racks of designer and local boutiques and stores and making a statement in magazines and fashion blogs around the globe.  If you are looking for something different to wear to a Holiday party or event this winter, try to find a special velvet piece! Designers are creating pieces in a variety of velvety textures including quilted, printed and even bejewelled...(Dont know how I feel about bejewelled velet.... seems like something the ManRepeller might post about?)  Enjoy:)

6. Monsoon black coat -$80
Miss Selfridge black hair accessory -$6.50

And if you aren't feeling ready to rock a velvet frock, try going for some accessories, or shoes! You can NEVER go wrong with a hot pair of heels!!

Ahhhh these are all just to amazing, I want them all.. what else is new.. ...
These gorgous numbers are all under $200.00 and are from designed byAldo, Betsy Johnson, Micheal Kors and Charloutte Rousse.

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